AUDIENT is a national nonprofit hearing care alliance uniting hearing health care professionals, suppliers, and related groups with the common goal of providing access to quality hearing aids and related care for low income hearing impaired people.

AUDIENT encourages hearing care accessibility through a network of dedicated hearing health care providers in the United States. AUDIENT sees that each income qualified applicant is referred to a hearing care professional in their community who is dedicated to supporting those in need of quality hearing care. AUDIENT serves as a third party administrator by performing income qualification, collecting the funds from the patient as agent of the provider, and managing the database of outcome measures from each patient. Costs and pricing are designed to be reasonable for both patients and providers of care.

SightLife, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (formerly the Northwest Lions Foundation (NLF)) designed and developed the AUDIENT Alliance after many years of experience coordinating the activities of the Lions hearing aid recycling program for the Pacific Northwest. A committee of nationally recognized hearing care professionals advised NLF during the development stage.

Updated January 4, 2010